MASHA and Bear vs DOCTOR Spiderman Stop motion animation video

Masha and Bear stop motion Masha and the bear play in forest.

MASHA and Bear vs DOCTOR Spiderman

MASHA and Bear vs DOCTOR Spiderman

Masha come and go freely while bear play chess attentively in the forest. Unfortunately, the right leg of play doh masha is hurt by a nail. Play doh masha shout loud. The bear hear the sound and call doctor. Guess who is doctor? Doctor spiderman treat for masha. It’s so difficult for spiderman to heal the masha’ wound. Doctor spiderman give masha sweet and egg play doh to coax masha.

Finally, doctor spiderman has help masha and the bear. This play doh stop motion videos has the appearance of superhero like spiderman stop motion in real life. Let’s watch more the masha and bear video in my channel.

Hope you like it.


Phim Hoạt Hình


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