Two Swords – After Finn gets fitted with a new robotic arm by Princess Bubblegum, Finn recounts how the grass creature, dubbed Grass Finn (voiced by Hayden Ezzy), started to become aware to the point that it began to think it was the real Finn. Grass Finn is revealed to be a reborn version of the Finn Sword mixed with the remnants of the Grass Sword when it was pierced in “I Am a Sword.” Finn appeals to Grass Finn’s nature and decides to let it stay with him and Jake until it figures out what to do with itself.

Adventure Time with Finn Jake Season 8 Episode 1 2

Adventure Time with Finn & Jake Season 8 Episode 1-2

Adventure Time with Finn & Jake Season 8 Episode 1-2

Do No Harm – Finn heads to the Candy Kingdom hospital to check on Susan and ends up filling in for Doctor Princess. While things seem to be fine at first, it becomes apparent that Finn’s doctor skills are amateur at best. Meanwhile, Jake and Grass Finn go searching for the Grass Wizard in hopes that the latter will discover meaning to his life. When it’s revealed that Grass Wizard simply made him for fun, Grass Finn beats him up which lands him in the hospital. Grass Finn changes his name to Fern and leaves to travel Ooo and Susan finally awakens from her coma.




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