Toronto is a dog and the King of Ooo’s partner, who first appears in the episode “Gold Stars.” He was originally set to appear in “Apple Wedding,” but the scene was deleted.

Giờ Phiêu lưu -Adventure Time Phần 7 tập 1 – Bonnie and Neddy

The Candy Kingdom has returned to relative normalcy after Finn and Jake’s successful eradication of the threat of the Catalyst Comet. The King of Ooo knights Finn and Jake as members of the royal guard for saving the Land of Ooo. He then leads them to their first mission as knights, which is to scour a potentially dangerous room in the Candy Castle for hidden treasure. Reluctantly, Finn and Jake enter the room with King of Ooo and Toronto and find three Sanctum Protectors guarding the entrance. The Protectors say that they must answer an ancient riddle to proceed, but they forget the riddle. Jake finds another open entrance and they proceed down the stairs.

Adventure Time - Season 7 Episode 1 Bonnie And Neddy

Adventure Time – Season 7 Episode 1 Bonnie And Neddy

Downstairs, they find a gum-dragon sucking vitamins from a series of connected roots, which then flow out of its body in the form of candy juice. The juice flows into a series of drains leading to a processing plant which provides the Candy People with the juice, which serves as the lifeblood of the entire kingdom, akin to water. The King of Ooo, eager to monetize the juice, accidentally startles the creature, which then flies away and escapes. Finn and Jake instinctively ask for Princess Bubblegum’s assistance and rush to her cabin. They tell her of the escaped dragon and are surprised to find that she recognizes it as her own brother, Neddy, who was spawned from the same Mother Gum as her. Bonnie realizes that they need to find him as soon as possible and takes Finn and Jake on a ride aboard her pet swan to locate him.

During the ride, she has a flashback to when she and Neddy were born. Bonnie is seen falling from the ceiling of an abandoned building housing the Mother Gum. Neddy falls next, but he lands on a stalagmite and, frightened, squirms out of the building and into the wilderness, coming across a tree in an open field and sucking its roots. Bonnie shows up and tries to comfort him with a butterfly, which only frightens him more. She then hugs him and clicks her tongue, which causes a glow to emanate from both of them. The scene zooms out to show that this field is the same one where the future Candy Kingdom will be built.

Meanwhile, in the present, Neddy stumbles around in the wilderness and hides in a cave. Bonnie tracks down Neddy to the cave using her “Bod Rod”, which is calibrated to their sister-brother bond. She goes in alone and manages to calm Neddy down and lure him to sleep. She then wraps him in a blanket and flies him back to his chamber in the Candy Castle. He wakes up and begins to suck root vitamins, restoring the flow of candy juice to the Kingdom.

Bonnie fortifies the Sanctum Protectors with new swords and permits them to use them should the King of Ooo try to enter the chamber again. She explains to Finn and Jake her origins in the Mother Gum, where her mind was in touch with dozens of other gum beings, and how after keeping Neddy safe, one of the first things she did was to create the Candy People. Jake asks Bonnie why Neddy is so anti-social, and she simply states that people get built differently and that others just need to respect such differences instead of trying to figure them out. Finn asks if she misses the Candy People, and she shrugs.

The next morning, the King of Ooo takes a shower, with Finn and Jake guarding him by the door. King of Ooo tries to taste the Candy Juice, but spits it out and says it “tastes just like you think”.



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