The Lost Treasure of Cloud City is the fourth episode of the animated television series LEGO Star Wars: The Freemaker Adventures. It first premieres on Disney XD on June 23, 2016.

Lego Star Wars The Freemaker Adventures Episode 4 Full HD

Cloud City on Bespin has been invaded by the Empire for the second time and Lando Calrissian entrusts Lobot to recover his precious cargo. After some difficulty with the lava lamp, he is captured by stormtroopers after finding the cargo locked behind a portrait.

On the Wheel, a different story is told; Rowan is having difficultly connecting two bricks with the help of the Force. His master Naare takes a private call from a disgruntled Darth Sidious with Vader by his side. Vader deduces that Rowan is deceiving Naare since he has found two crystals so far. In order to cheer his younger brother up, Rowan is spirited away by Zander to a pod race in the lower ring. Uninterested, Rowan decides to look around, finding IG-88 and a cabaret of bounty hunters. Among them is Lando, who mentions a reward for his precious cargo and Rowan walks in to inform Lando about the reward.
Intially frustrated with Zander bringing Rowan to the lower ring, Kordi decides to go to Cloud City for the treasure, informing Roger not to tell anyone where they are going. Unfortunately on Roger’s part, Naare indirectly coaxes him into revealing the Cloud City mission, thinking that a Kyber Crystal may be there. Dengar is also following them with the two Ikototchi guards in tow.
Disguised as matinence workers, the Freemakers are refused entry by a trinity of stormtroopers until one on the left mentions that the carbon freezing chamber is on the fritz. Dengar and Naare also arrive making their own entrances: a mind trick and a bribe. Once inside, she is contacted by Palpatine asking for her presence and hides from Dengar, putting the Emperor on mute.
Kordi finds Lando’s disco pad, investigating there while Zander and Rowan are escorted by the stormtroopers into the carbon freezing chamber. She finds the cargo behind the portrait and hides under the bed before convincing another pair of storm troopers with the presence of itch mites. After fixing a tube, Rowan is accidentally frozen in carbonite while standing triumphantly on the platform. A chase ensues with Zander using Naare’s lightsaber to cut off the cables to the repulsorlift generator to prevent Dengar from escaping with the frozen boy. Finally with Dengar and the two guards locked in a cell, Rowan is freed and tries to use the Force to connect the two cables despite his carbonite sickness.
Back on the wheel, Lando’s precious cargo is revealed to be his cape, causing Naare to faint while Dengar finally discovers the identity of Graballa’s target.

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