Masha and the Bear – Christmas songs for kids. Happy New Year 2017

Christmas songs for kids from Masha and the Bear cartoon. Happy New Year 2017!

⛄️Christmas song, Masha and the Bear, episode 3 «One, Two, Three! Light the Christmas Tree!»
The Bear adores New Year’s Eve so much that he wakes up just to celebrate this holiday. He cleans his house, decorates the Christmas tree and waits for the Father Frost to come. But Masha arrives instead and the holiday turns into a disaster: the tree burns down, the decorations break and Father Frost gets into a car accident. The forest inhabitants can be left without presents. But Masha and the Bear do their best to fix the situation and they celebrate New Year like never before.

🎄 Song about lonely holiday, Masha and the Bear, episode 21 «Home Alone»
The miracles always happen on New Year’s Eve. Masha finds a magical hat that grants gifts to all the forest dwellers. Masha runs happily around the forest in a clown outfit and brings joy to all the critters. The magical hat has a special gift for the Bear who has not been very lucky on such a dreamlike day.

⛸ Song of Skates, Masha and the Bear, episode 10 «Holiday on Ice»
Masha wants to learn ice skating. But there’s nobody around to teach her because the Bear had fallen asleep. However this does not confuse Masha at all. She puts rolling skates on his feet and rolls him out towards the frozen pond where he eventually wakes up. Now he has no choice but to teach the impatient girl how to ice skate.

🐾 Song of Animal Tracks, , Masha and the Bear, episode 4 «Tracks of unknown Animals»
First snow falls and the Bear decides to teach Masha how to distinguish the tracks of different animals. Masha is quite far from being a good student and brings the poor Bear almost to madness. But to his great surprise it turns out that some of her answers were not as absurd as they seemed.

🐧 Coming home song, Masha and the Bear, episode 32 «All in the family»
Once upon a time in winter the Penguin boy visits the Bear. He tries to entertain him and involve him in various activities but the Penguin spends most of the time playing with Masha. Again and again, the Bear is unable to get the Penguin’s attention and becomes upset. Masha notices this and gets an idea of how to fix that.


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